• I'm a current member how do I use my individual coupon code?

    Please create a new account (different to your Mindbody login). After creating the account go to purchase the Online Classes course. You must choose the ‘regular’ not VIP option for the code to apply. At checkout you will not need to put your credit card in but instead use the coupon code emailed to you. Pop this in where it says “Have a coupon?” this will make the purchase $0. Complete the purchase and your good to go! Your current membership payment plan will continue as per your 6 or 12 month membership plan.

  • I’m a current in studio member and my log in details don’t work.

    The virtual studio is a completely different platform. Please create a new account. Once the account has been created, you can go ahead and purchase a course, or apply a coupon code. I’m a current in studio member with a 1 or 2 classes per week membership how many classes per week can I access online? All students on 6 or 12 month memberships have full access to all the weekly classes. Its our way of giving back to our wonderful members who supported us during this challenging season.

  • I’ve logged in how do I see the new class of the week?

    Click “Resume course” to see all available classes. The newest class is the bottom of the list in each class type.

  • Are the classes on the virtual studio live or pre-recorded?

    All classes available at www.online.ashayoga.com.au are pre-recorded. Each week we record 5 new classes to upload. The newest class is the class at the bottom of the list in each class category/style.

  • Do you have live streamed classes I can join?

    Yes. Weekly live streamed classes area available via zoom. All students who have a VIP Online membership will have access to the zoom links for live-streamed classes.