The Mind Body Connection

Asha Yoga is inspired by the mind body connection, and the impact of mindful movement, breath and imagination. Each class is designed to feel like a sanctuary from the outside world, a place to nourish, refresh and renew.

  • Explore Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Pilates & Barre any time that suits from a quick 3 min breath practice to a 60 minute Yin Yoga journey.

  • Suitable for any level of experience, from beginners to the seasoned yogi there is something for you!

  • All you need is a yoga mat and your phone! Variations with props like a strap, block & bolster are also available if you have a favourite combination use it!

  • New content continually added!

Your Daily De-stress & Reset

You will feel like your right in the studio with your favourite teachers taking your favourite class. That floaty zen feeling after Yin, that feeling of being fully alive after Vinyasa or maybe that abs burn during Pilates this online membership will be the best part of your day.

Yoga, Mindfulness & Relaxation for Kids

Need a 5 minute brain break while home schooling and an interactive way to help your child regulate emotions and reduce anxiety? This selection of 3-15 minute sessions of meditation and flowing yoga will provide kids with a range of tools to improve co-ordination, strength and promote resilience and calm.

What does my body need today?

To rest and find peace of mind

Yoga Nidra will guide you into a place of rest and stillness. You don’t need to do anything, just lie back and follow the guided relaxation, perfect for preparing your body for sleep, or for a quick midday pick-me-up.

Meditation will draw you out of your head and busy thoughts, to this present moment. A discipline of stillness and mental focus, through mindfulness and sensory awareness you will gradually train your brain to rest and be quiet.

Feeling stiff and stressed?

Yin Yoga is your best friend. A journey of sensory awareness, noticing your body and how it really feels while seeking stillness and rest. A joint health and mental health boost.

Feel like you have been sitting too long or needing balance and a brain reset?

Slow Flow Yoga is the place to be. The slow flow will give you more space to be mindful in each movement while giving you time to develop strength a perfect place for beginners! 

Vinyasa Yoga will take each joint through its range of movement while building strength and finding that connection with the breath. Expect moments of stillness, challenge and balance.

Needing that full body strength challenge? 

Barre will rock your world! Not just core all you need is a chair (pseudo Ballet Barre) and a resistance band and before you know it you feel stronger than you have in a long time!

Pilates is the core blitz. Breath, strength mobility and endurance for your core! Everybody needs this class, from rehab to athlete improve your core strength will benefit your body and mind.

Our Classes

Whether you have 5 minutes or an hour discover the contemplative path of Yoga, Meditation, Pilates & Barre with your favourite instructors where ever you are.

I’m ready to nourish my body and mind, sign me up!

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What Our Students Say

My self-compassion practice

Kat C

Taking regular classes remind me that it’s ok to be who I am and how I am today. I’m stronger, I cope with stress better, my back injury is recovering, and I no longer have daily pain.

Easy to follow classes

Diana T

The classes are easy to follow to do at my own pace at home. I especially enjoyed the back release class and felt a great difference in my back after the session. Thanks Michelle!

Me time

Lisa D

I love gaining strength without the strain of a gym, and I feel more calmer in my daily life.

Why Asha Yoga?

  • De-stress

    More than ever our brains are in a constant state of stress. The weight of responsibility and the daily demands of life take a toll. Mindful movement and the breath help change the brain, to release stored tension and allow rest.

  • Strengthen

    Increase your muscular strength and mental resilience. Improve your balance, flexibility and co-ordination leaving you with energy to spare at the end of the day. Ever felt like you were running on empty? A regular yoga practice will start that healing journey of nourishment and joy from the inside out.

  • Connection

    Learn how to communicate with your body. Changing negative self talk and speaking healing and life over your physical body and readjust your state of mind. Build self esteem and rediscover the real, unique and wonderfully imperfect you.

Your Teachers

Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga & Meditation teacher

Michelle Jorna

Coming from a background in exercise science and personal training, Michelle discovered the benefits of yoga after a spinal injury. The connection of mental health, physical pain and spirituality started a journey of healing through yoga and meditation. She is passionate about sharing this love of mindful movement, the breath and creating space for contemplation and spiritual connection. Her body positive classes focus on seeking greater peace, rest and awareness of the body.

Teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Tracey McCombe

With a transformative experience of yoga helping her mental and physical health during a tough period Tracey has pursued studying yoga. She teaches Vinyasa, Yin and Yoga Nidra, and believes in empowering students to follow their own path at their individual pace. To modify the physical postures when needed and to honour how they feel in each moment. She teaches from the heart to help her students find peace, contentment, physical fitness and longevity through the practice of asana (physical postures), mindfulness and meditation.

Teaches Meditation

Mandie Glennon

Mandie started her meditation journey in 1992, after a period of illness. The gradual personal transformation of physical and mental health over these years impacted her life so greatly she pursued learning how to share this gift with her children. She became qualified as a meditation teacher in 2018, and has since worked with students with anxiety, depression, stress and even those just looking for moments of calm. Mandie is passionate about guiding students of any age and background to feel more comfortable with themselves and find peace.

Kids Yoga Teacher

Emma Hall

With over 20 years nursing experience Emma discovered and fell in love with teaching children's yoga a few years ago when she realised the amazing benefit it had for her two sons. Specialising in helping children on the Autism spectrum and those with anxiety, she loves seeing how yoga allows children to find confidence and make improvements in their lives. Emma is passionate about seeing as many children as possible find benefit through movement, breathing and games giving her a sense of purpose and joy.

Pilates & Barre Teacher

Michaela Fox

Michaela has a background in all things sports and fitness. With a regular yoga practice, teaching group fitness and caring for her aging father, she discovered the benefits of Pilates. She is passionate about teaching to different populations and helping students discover how to improve pelvic stability and core strength. Currently undertaking specialist Pilates training for Pre and Post Natal women, her classes have an intention to help her students feel strong and self-empowered.

Teaches Slow Flow, Yin & Meditation

Jacinta Darlison

With a background in Personal Training, Jacinta discovered the benefits of yoga and meditation in finding balance and self-care when her children were young. Since her 200hr YTT she has continued to study specialising in Yin, Chair and Restorative Yoga and meditation. Jacinta's classes celebrate the diversity of a yoga practice and a focus on the importance of keeping active as we age improving flexibility, strength, balance and mobility as well as the psychological benefits of relaxation and meditation.

Access to All Classes

Weekly Vinyasa & Yin Yoga, Meditation & Yoga Nidra, Pilates & Barre.

Kids Yoga Course

Yoga Flow, Meditations, Story Time & Brain Breaks.

The Newbie Yogi HOW TO guide

A pose breakdown of the foundational yoga postures.